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About us

Fototech is a photography-based company that serves the photography industry

About Fototech India

Since its inception in 2011, Fototech has played a pivotal role in the Indian photography industry. It began as a publisher of photography magazines and the organizer of trade fairs and seminars, serving as a nexus for photography enthusiasts and tech-related discussions. Over the years, Fototech has transformed into a dynamic B2B portal, bridging the gap between technology providers and professionals within the sector. By joining our platform, you gain access to an extensive network of industry players, fostering collaborations, innovation, and growth opportunities. Fototech is your gateway to staying informed, connected, and competitive in the ever-evolving world of photography technology.

In an industry marked by rapid advancements, Fototech continues to lead the way, offering benefits that go beyond networking and collaboration. Joining our platform means you're not just a part of a community; you're part of a movement dedicated to advancing photography in India. Discover the advantages of being a part of Fototech's vibrant ecosystem, where opportunities abound and progress thrives.

Why Choose Us

Discover a seamless platform catering to both photographers and traders,
providing unparalleled opportunities for collaboration, growth, and success in the photography industry.

  • Professional Networking Opportunities

    Fototech Portal provides photographers with a platform to connect and collaborate with fellow professionals, enabling them to expand their network, share expertise, and engage in creative partnership.

  • Advanced Tech and Support

    As a Fototech Portal photographer, you'll have access to cutting-edge photography equipment and technical support, helping you deliver exceptional results for clients while staying at the forefront of the industry.

  • Targeted Exposure

    Fototech Portal offers traders targeted exposure to professional photographers, ensuring that their products are showcased to a specific and relevant audience. This focused approach maximizes visibility and increases the likelihood of sales.

  • Direct Lead Generation

    By partnering with Fototech Portal, traders gain direct access to a stream of qualified leads. Through various networking opportunities and events, traders can engage with photographers, nurturing relationships and converting leads into successful business transactions.

Our Team

"Fototech team embodies a rare blend of theoretical expertise and hands-on experience in photography,
coupled with a profound understanding of industry nuances, ensuring exceptional service and unmatched results."

  • Image Description

    Abhimanya Reddy

    the founder of Fototech, envisions transforming the photography industry through digitalization, aiming to become the ultimate service provider in the field."

  • Om Prakash

    industry veteran, excels in communication, with profound knowledge of industry intricacies and photographers' requirements.

  • Bhoopal Kumar

    India's leading mentor, excels across diverse photography domains with a creative mindset, making him an all-rounder in the industry.

  • K. Goutham Kumar

    India's leading mentor, excels across diverse photography domains with a creative mindset, making him an all-rounder in the industry.

  • Madhu Juluru

    Expert in finance management, known for exceptional organizational skills and efficiency..

  • Sharath Sagar

    Exceptional PR expert renowned for building strong connections between traders and village-level photographers in the industry.

  • Kasiratnam

    A distinguished leader in photography, renowned for his exceptional coordination skills in managing association members effectively


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